Expert in development field

Nikhil Singh is technical head WebPitchers , whose responsible for deal with the all technical essues related to web / app development.

Nikhil Kumar Singh

Technical Head, WebPitchers

Abhishek is graphic designer , he is awesome in his work department. Best in graphic core knowledge.

Abhishek Singh

Graphic Designer, WebPitchers

Aman is  Senior Web Designer. He is responsible for managing web development , and ensure our clients for best outcome.

Aman Singh

Developer, WebPitchers

Sanjay Gupta is Front-End Designer,( Developer) create technology strategy and helping to further scale our company. 

Sanjay Gupta

Front-End Design, WebPitchers

Ashita Gupta is content write at WebPitchers, she is also write blogs for several clients. She is magician in content writing.

Ashita Gupta

Content Writer, WebPitchers